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We can create a brand that stands out and truly reflects your business and the message you want


Trust your brand with a knowledgeable distributing company

Right Here in North Carolina

JB – Mutual has one of the highest fulfillment accuracy rates in the state, and our sales representatives are dedicated to finding the perfect home for every bottle. 

The JB – Mutual sales team differentiates themselves by truly listening to suppliers’ wants and needs. They have extensive industry knowledge and take the time to learn about their brands to match them to their customers’ needs. 

When you partner with Johnson Brothers – Mutual Distributing of NC, you are committing to long-term growth for your brand by enlisting a sales team of 230 people to sell your brand to restaurants, specialty stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more throughout the state.

Here at JB – Mutual Distributing, we are leaders in the wine, beer, and sake distributing industry and always stay on the cutting edge of technology. This allows us to provide accurate, quick deliveries of your products.


Here at JB – Mutual Distributing, our suppliers work with a Brand Manager who helps facilitate that relationship. The JB – Mutual Brand Manager serves as a conduit between sales, purchasing, and marketing, maintaining an open communication with each supplier.

Exceeding goals

JB – Mutual aligns its own goals with those of the supplier. Here at JB – Mutual, we continue to add new technology and knowledgeable salespeople to ensure we have the capacity to meet and exceed our own goals as well as those of our suppliers.


Sales representatives are well educated in their products and offer training opportunities for customers to increase their knowledge and sales ability as well. Sales team members are experts on the JB – Mutual portfolio as well as industry trends. Many sales representatives have advanced certifications and are constantly going through new educational programs.


JB – Mutual offers Supplier Portal Development which includes advanced reports, basic depletion reports, the setup of new items, and more. This allows us to keep you updated on the performance of your products and working toward your goals.

Our sales representatives invest time to learn more about your brand

Our sales team is comprised of knowledgeable individuals eager to learn more about your brand. Education continues through weekly and monthly sales meetings in every branch. We encourage suppliers to come to sales meetings to speak about relevant products to our dedicated sales team. 

You will find value in working with the JB – Mutual Distributing team

JB – Mutual has the tools and connections to increase your brand’s presence in the industry through the relationships we have with independent wine shops, grocery store chains, restaurants, and other businesses in the state. If you’re in the wine, beer, and/or sake industries, we have the resources to help you build your brand and find it the perfect home.

Partner with JB – Mutual and let us find the perfect home for every bottle.