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We can create a brand that stands out and truly reflects your business and the message you want


Johnson Brothers – Mutual has the Infrastructure

To support high-volume customers in addition to small niche items to fill wine and beer lists for the most eclectic establishment.

Our suppliers cover a wide variety of new and established brands in the wine, beer, and sake industries. And our salespeople are dedicated to finding the perfect home for every brand that partners with us. What that also means is that our salespeople are looking for the perfect brands for each unique establishment. They will help you find the right product, at the right time, for your business.

Johnson Brothers – Mutual Distributing services any business in North Carolina with an alcohol permit.

When you partner with JB – Mutual Distributing, you are working with a company dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction

Guaranteed Customer Service

Johnson Brothers – Mutual sales representatives provide exceptional customer service by:

  • Recognizing the needs of each customer.

  • Fully understanding and conveying the objectives for our customers and the consumer.

  • Being aware of competitive wines, beers, sakes and their pricing.

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  • Operating as an ambassador for our suppliers and providing education to our customers’ staff.

  • Offering food pairings to complement the wine - beer - sake menu.

  • Identifying and assuring each brand is sold to the correct channel appropriate for each wine - beer - sake.

  • Developing marketing programs to accomplish our customer’s goals within each of our unique markets.

Personalized Service

Our sales teams invest time to learn about and truly understand each of our customers, just as much as they invest to learn about the brands we offer. This allows them to provide every customer with a unique perspective so they can confidently recommend brands that will fit perfectly on their menu. If you’re opening a new restaurant or changing your offerings, our sales representatives can collaborate with you to craft and customize wine programs and wine lists cohesive with your business.

Staff Training

Our knowledgeable and experienced sales representatives will train your waitstaff to sell the brands you order from us. JB – Mutual offers ongoing education and training for all of our sales representatives so they can learn about the products they sell, and we will do the same for your staff as well. Our goal is to help our suppliers, customers, and employees be successful. In order to do that, we go the extra mile and provide education for every level of sales within the company.

Comprehensive Offerings

Not only can we supply beverages for your wine list or menu, we also distribute beer, sake, bar mixes, water, vermouth, cooking wine, and more, so we can be your sole provider. We streamline your ordering process by providing for all of your needs.

Partner with Johnson Brothers – Mutual and let us find the perfect home for every bottle.