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Mutual Advantage

We can create a brand that stands out and truly reflects your business and the message you want

Johnson Brothers – Mutual Advantage

We are leaders in the beverage industry

Johnson Brothers – Mutual has always been on the leading edge of adopting technology in the beverage industry, but we’re also forecasting the evolution of the industry and staying ahead of the changes.

  • We are committed to the success of our customers, suppliers, and employees, and this commitment requires us to constantly evolve as a company to better serve all our partners.

  • We owe a lot of our evolution to our team of dedicated employees, sales representatives, managers, and owners who have taken the necessary steps with new technology to improve our processes.

Everything we do relates to and focuses on our customers and suppliers, so the main motivating force behind everything here at Johnson Brothers – Mutual is to offer exceptional customer service.

Operations and Logistics

Cutting-edge technology is used in the warehouse for bottle picking and following orders, including a voice-pick system. We ensure our customers can be confident when they depend on JB – Mutual trucks and delivery personnel to take care of their orders.

JB – Mutual also takes advantage of industry technology during our sales process. Our sales representatives have access to JB – Mutual order-entry software that allows them to search criteria which matches what the customer wants.

Sales Representatives

Our sales representatives have a thirst for knowledge in the industry, and we provide them with a comprehensive and ongoing sales educational program.

Allowing our sales team to become well-versed with the products and brands they’re selling helps them become consultants to their customers rather than just salespeople. This results in customers having a well-rounded and well-developed line of products to offer.


Partnerships are the Key to our Success!